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Jamie Allen Bishop, MA, MTR, CR

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SHE:ETC was created when Jamie Allen Bishop, a professional toe reader and reflexologist, was being asked to attend multiple parties and events on the same day. Without the ability to clone herself, Jamie began recommending other professionals whom she'd come to know and love. Soon, those recommendations were coming frequently enough to create a professional organization where talented holistic arts entertainers were being sough after through Jamie's advice, expertise and connections. Thus was born a talent agency - Soul Heart Entertainment: Event Talent Coordination.

Holistic arts modalities are considered mystic entertainment. As such, Jamie is connected with many individuals who have incredible spiritual healing talent and the blessing of heart-centered connection with their God-given intuition. Honing that link to the Divine, our entertainers see life challenges as a path to a better, more positive experience. 

Because Jamie's background and reputation is who our clients are looking to hire, SHE:ETC specializes in quality toe readers. That said, with more than 10 years experience in the holistic health industry, Jamie has connections with many talented individuals who have honed intuitive skills beyond toe reading.

Not sure what a holistic arts professional is? You are looking for a holistic arts professional if you are:

  • interested in SELF-EMPOWERMENT (e.g., want to be the example you wish to see in the world);
  • engaged in BLENDING FAMILIES/friends (e.g., getting married, adopting, etc.);
  • BONDING family, friends, or colleagues (e.g., morale issues, disgruntled family/coworkers, etc.);
  • open to LEARNING (e.g., spiritually centered, opening up to possibilities, etc.); or
  • embracing outrageous SUCCESS (e.g., focused on living a healthier more stable life, etc.).

Our professional service offers quality toe readers with a professional demeanor and a genuine, loving concern for each individual.