This toe reader "is a kind, compassionate and gentle spirit who can guide you to the answers within yourself. Allow your toes to offer you the insight... and allow her to interpret their message. It is a priceless gift!" - Sunny Dawn Johnston

I was "provided a detailed, insightful reading that offered me the opportunity to dig deeper within myself. She provided a safe environment where I felt totally comfortable with the conversation. Great job." - Lt. R. Heise

​"What can I say except WOW."  - Bridges Conner

SHE: ETC is best known for our party and event spiritual talent-for-hire options. We intuitively connect you with the ideal spiritual talent for your party-goers to provide the most rewarding self-awareness experience ever! Guests walk away with excitement and joy about their lives... and lots to talk about with their friends!

With our database of over 300 talented spiritual advisors to choose from, SHE: ETC offers groups and individuals online services, programs and web experiences rarely seen in the spiritual advisor industry.

From TED Talks to Goldcoast Promotions to a variety of TV, radio, and live speaking engagements all over the world, we can provide you with keynote speakers on topics such as quantum theory, spiritual alignment, wealth empowerment, finding your soulmate, and much.

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Soul Coordinator: Marcela Saavedra

These three lovely souls are the women who intuit the ideal spiritual advisor talent for your party or individual needs. Our database of several hundred talented spiritual advisors to call upon is proprietary and for the use of SHE: ETC only. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Soul Coordinators

​​Marcela Saavedra

Jamie is a psychic medium with a talent to connect people. With her artistic background and a fascination for all spiritual gifts, Jamie is passionate about elevating our soul's experience to showcase the talent we are here to provide. With advanced education degrees, Jamie's real talent is in educating our soul using toes as her guide.

Soul Coordinator: Jamie A.. Bishop

Shary is a talented psychic intuitive with a passion for love connections. As someone who has traveled the world, she emulates a classy grace and fun-loving demeanor that attract the best of the best. With a talent for knowing presentation is key in life and in love, she is amazing at bringing to fruition visions of wealth and luxury. Naturally, she makes travel a top priority in the expectations for the up-leveling of her clients' souls.

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Souls Hire Us For . . .

Marcela has Aztec and Mayan Shaman blood and was raised in a household where both mom and dad embraced their incredible gifts. With psychic ability and powerful healing tools embraced from day one, Marcela has a gift for working with traumatic event survivors to help them grow into the powerful examples of love and light they were meant to be. For it is only through cracks in the darkness that we might see the light.

Soul Coordinator: Shary G. Fromm

Souls Are Saying . . .

Jamie A. Bishop


Shary Goodrich-Fromm