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Jamie Allen Bishop

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Entertainment Specialties:

Every Soul Heart Entertainment team member is in the business of empowerment. We focus on personal and professional changes that make life joyful and successful. While our clients come to us for toe readers, most are open to the other services our entertainers offer. Toe Readers, Card Readers, and Reflexologists are the most requested professionals.

  1. Sole/Toe Readers: Do you like (or hate) #feet? Learn why. With its roots in the 3,000+-year-old philosophies of Reflexology, #ToeReading is the idea that where we focus our thoughts shows up in the shape, color, and direction of our #toes. A toe reader examines toes/feet and poses questions to help us on our highest purpose path. SHE: ETC toe readers guide you to view life in a way that shifts perspective and brings more of what you want into your life.
  2. Card Readers - Angel, Archetype, Soul, Tarot, Mandala, etc.: Are you opening up your #intuition? Is it time to delve deeper into knowing the real you? #CardReaders use images to help you learn to trust yourself to achieve goals in less time and with greater success. 
  3. Cranial-Sacral: Your third-eye chakra is the key to connecting with your divine #intuition. #Cranial-Sacral practitioners use their skills to help you clear any energetic blocks keeping you from connecting with your source to enlightenment. Freedom to all you desire is in following your intuition. 
  4. Massage Therapists & Reflexologists: Know anyone who has muscle aches and pains? Give yourself, your loved one, or your favorite coworker the gift of #SelfLove. Our bodywork talent will help decrease stress levels held by the body. A #massage or #reflexology session is what you need.
  5. Motivational Speakers: Is it time to change up the way business is working for you and your team? Are you finding that the challenges you are facing are overwhelming? How do you flip the switch of motivation to get your team to perform at their peak levels? Our speakers have the power to not only motivate but also adjust the focus your team has to the important matters in life and in business that make fantastic performance enhancements you'll see in the bottom line. 

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